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NISA Thwarts Planned Attacks On UN and UAE Embassy
Somali News

NISA Thwarts Planned Attacks On UN and UAE Embassy

A major attack planned for Thursday targetting the UN compound and the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Mogadishu has been thwarted, Radio Dalsan has learnt .
NISA chief on Thursday met with cabinet to brief on the security situation following the failed attacks.
An internal memo sent to all UN agencies and NGOs operating in Somalia indicated that intelligene reports suggested planned attacks on UN Compound and UAE embassy.
Staff were issued with a security alert not to visit Liido, the port area and hotels.
In the past militant group Alshabaab has been increasing attacks on government and foreign interests during the month of Ramadan.
Thursday marked the first anniversary of the ambassador attack which saw 3 Mps and 7 government officials killed.
Alshabaab ideology believes attacks in the month of Ramadan offers high rewards spitritually and hence a surge in attacks