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Al-Shabaab Increases Assassination of the electoral Delegates
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Al-Shabaab Increases Assassination of the electoral Delegates

Galmudug Electorate Delegate Shot Dead Months After Seeking Govt Protection
Halima Elmi Yussuf a Galmudug  electorate delegate was on Thursday night shot dead  by gunmen in Mogadishu.
Yusuf was one of the 22 electorate delegates from Galmudug region in the last elections.
Radio Dalsan had published a special  feature six months ago where  the 22  delegates from Galmudug demanded government protection citing ongoing threats by militant group Alshabaab.
https://www.radiodalsan.com/2016/11/24/al-shabaab-is-threatening-our-lives-somalia-election-delegates-claim/In an exlusive by Radio Dalsan’s investigative team several delegates interviewed claimed that their lives were in danger and that they feared being targeted by Alshabaab
“I fear for my life now. I have received death threats from Alshabaab through a text message” Abdirazak Hussein a delegate told Radio Dalsan after the elections.
Anothet delegate Rahma Awad from  South West also  confirmed similar threats to Radio Dalsan.
“I am not feeling safe anymore in this country with this threats.It is so serious that I am considering seeking assylum out of the country. I may have to flee the country to safety” Awad told Radio Dalsan.
There was no official reaction from the government regarding the request by the delagates seeking protection.