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Council of Ministers Prohibit Armed Vehicles in Mogadishu
Somali News

Council of Ministers Prohibit Armed Vehicles in Mogadishu

The council of ministers of the federal republic of Somalia today had their normal sitting chaired by the Prime Minister Mr. Hassan Ali Kheyre.

Peace and stabilization and the conference that started in London yesterday are among the issues discussed in the ministers` meeting.

The ministers welcomed the conference which was aimed at helping the Somali government on security issues and implementation of one man one vote and thanked the UK government for the role it played to make it happen. They also thanked the International community and United Nations for role they played.

The ministers heard detailed information on peace and security fromheads of the military, police and security agencies. Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre congratulated the heads of the security agencies for their recommendations.

Finally the Prime Minister recommended the following resolutions to restore peace which the ministers agreed unanimously.

1. The formation of a combined force that has one leader and consists of police and military which is tasked to the stabilization of the city. 
2. Armed forces and vehicles are prohibited from within the city. 
1. Steps to stabilize the city
2. Who does not have a movement permit

Anyone who violates these rules deserves to face the law.

3. The military that is going to participate in the city stabilization should be among the  combined forces 

4. Wearing of the military dress in the city without permission is prohibited.

5. Government officials who have arms, military guards and vehicles are requested to return them to the military commanders within 10 days starting from 11/May/2017.

6. No body, including government officials is allowed to have more than two vehicles with each four guards within the city. The guards are not allowed to carry weapons bigger than AK47.
7. Following the orders of the president of the federal republic of Somalia, Afgoye district will be part of the city stabilization process.


8. Police commanders are required to establish special force that will guard the national leaders and important government places.


9. Private security companies were requested to inform the joint operation centres on the movement of their forces and arms.


10. Security officials manning business places, hospitals, universities and other important places will be responsible for any insecurity in those areas.


11. The defense and security agencies and commanders of the forces should make sure that a centre for city stabilization mission is put in place the soonest possible. JOCC was proposed to be the centre for that mission.


12. The stabilization mission will start soon and before that each force should hand over its share of army and arms to the commander of the mission.
13. Banadir`s provincial administration starts mobilization and awareness of the citizens using the ministry of information, different sectors of the community and security agencies.


14. The ministry of information will be responsible for:-
1. Role of media in the city stabilization mission and how to share information on security operations.
2. Role of community mobilization aired on both state media and the independent ones.

All the above rules will be adapted to the constitutionthe Islamic law and the law of the state.