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Sheikh Awes Speaks Out  Against New Islamist Group Al-Saadiun Bilxaq
Somali News

Sheikh Awes Speaks Out Against New Islamist Group Al-Saadiun Bilxaq

Militant scholar and former Alshabaab leader Sheikh Daud Aweys ahs denounced the newly formed Islamist group Al Sadiun Bil Haq formed recently in Egypt with with a Somalia chapter. " They were silent for fourty years because we kept them silent through debate and by shedding light on their true nature" Aweys who is currently under house arrest said in a video released on Thursday. Aweys says he knows members of the group their leader Egyptian Mostafa Kamel and the amir of Somalia chapter Osman Abdulle Roble. However Aweys has urged the Somali government to indulge the new Islamist group in dialogue and not "Kill, arrest or deny them access to services". Aweys is one of the old hands of Somalia's Islamist group. In the 90s he was one of the leaders of Al Itihad Al Islamiya which executed terror attacks inside Ethiopia . He together with others formed Hizbu Tahriir in 2009 before emerging the group with Alshabaab where he was one of the top leader. He later fell with Alshabaab in leadership wrangles and fled to seek custody from Somalia security. Alsadiun Bil Haq formation has triggered debate within Somalia with the Council of Scholars denouncing it. In Somalia the group has had a cold reception with majority categorising members as "extremists" or having extremist ideology. Members of the group which translates to "Proclaimers of Truth" say they want an Islamic government that offers an alternative to western democracy. The government of Somalia is yet to issue a statement or its reaction to the emergence of this Islamist group that has its chapter in the country.