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Alshabaab Intensifies Attacks Despite  Farmaajo Declared State Of War
Somali News

Alshabaab Intensifies Attacks Despite Farmaajo Declared State Of War

Militant group Alshabaab has seemingly intensified its attacks on government four days into a State of War declared against it. On 6th April a tough talking President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo dorned in military fatigue declared war on Alshabaab giving a 60 day ultimatum for the militants to surrender or face the full force of the Somalia National Army. Ironically the state of war was followed by a surge in attacks in the capital Mogadishu and across Somalia. Analysts believe Alshabaab is out to prove a point to Farmaajo. "The group wants to be seen to be in the upper hand in this scenario. Alshabaab want to show they are inncharge an are the ones calling the shots" Mohamed Shiine a Nairobi based regional analyst told Radio Dalsan. On Monday an Alshabaab suicide bomber detonated himself at a military training camp in Mogadishu claiming to have killed at least 14. On the same day a government official was killed when a bomb set on his car went off in Mogadishu. "It seems like Farmaajo may have declared the war unprepared or rather that is what  Alshabab is trying to show us" Shiine added. Sources close to the sixth April meeting of top security chiefs however say the President will be adopting a more decisive military and political tactic that may see the militant group routed or weakened.