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From A Refugee in Dadaab To Youngest Minister  Siraji's  Star Continues To Rise
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From A Refugee in Dadaab To Youngest Minister Siraji's Star Continues To Rise

The story of Abdullahi Sheikh Abdi Siraji seems scripted right out of a Charles Dickens novel; from a poor  struggling refugee in the remote and arid Dadaab camp in North Eastern Kenya into a ministerial position in Somalia. At 31 Siraji becomes the youngest  person to be appointed a Minister in Somalia. He is now the man in charge of most Somalia's infrastructure  development  as the Public Works and Reconstruction Minister. Like Goliath and David Siraji's name came to  limelight when he defeated state Information  Minister Mohamed Abdi Hassan in the 2016 legislative elections to become a federal MP. He had just resettled in Kismayu from Dadaab the world's largest refugee camp  where  he grew up and was educated. Many Somalis remain optimistic that the fresh and young blood like Siraji may bring about the much need fast growth in a country that still struggles to develop itself after 2 decades of civil war but it remains to be seen  if he will live to the people's high expectations.   Not letting the hardship to hold him back. the 31-years-old former refugee who is not bitter or resentful about his upbringing resettled in Kismayu, having moved from  the world's largest refugee camp, The unlikely victory by the fresh and young blood like Siraj raised hopes among young graduates especially those who grew in refugee camps who rarely consider venturing into Somalia's political scene, often manipulated by the older generation to help the impoverished horn of Africa nation which is recovering from decades of war. Nevertheless, the story of Siraj is seen yet another strong example of how resolution and dedication in true terms can prove one's hardship into victory in life notwithstanding one's status in the social life.