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Ethiopia think tank claim election losers may  derail Farmaajo administration
Somali Elections

Ethiopia think tank claim election losers may derail Farmaajo administration

A report on the post election Somali politics following a research by an Addis Ababa based think tank warns of wide rift between  the present Farmaajo administration and the losers of the latter will be sidelined. The report  by Center for Dialogue Research and Cooperation CDRC released on Monday indicates that the most pressing issue for the Farmaajo administration is to  look at the way the losers of the elections,primarily what it says is  the  Hawiye sub clan Abgaal,  are treated. “The meetings that took place between Abgal elders and MPs with the new President call for careful follow-up of this evolving situation” the report says. “Abgal business representatives have visited El-Maan port, which might compete the Mogadishu port and could be considered a significant reaction in the dynamics of the election. Is this visit something that one has to think through carefully? This is why the question as to “what will happen to the losers?” is critical. Are they just going to go away, as indicated in the process? How will the winners  behave in the coming days and weeks in accommodating the losers, and in actual fact, who accommodates whom?” it further says. The quick support that the new Prime Minister received from Jubaland and South West regional states following his appointment is reflective of the Prime Minister’s strong relations with the regional administrations. The endorsement that the Parliament gave the new Prime Minister on 1st March 2017 is also an indicative that the beginning has become very smooth for the new leadership to quickly move forward” it stated. But on the same breath it warns the Farmaajo administration of facing challenges in his administration from the “big” sub clans of Hawiye which according to the report are Abgaal and Habar Gedir. “The presidential elections confirmed that politics in Somalia can be extremely dynamic and the usual clan and party variables can shift very quickly. There is still a risk of the big sub-clans joining the opposition, which may make it tremendously difficult for the government to function. The Hiraab, viewing this as a loss, may indulge in strategizing about their future moves” it warned. The report commends recent initiative by the president to contact the regional states . The Center for Dialogue Research and Cooperation CDRC is said to be affiliated to the Ethiopian government. Addis Ababa had openly backed for a second term for former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.