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Somali Army servicemen demonstrated in Mogadishu  due luck of salary

Somali Army servicemen demonstrated in Mogadishu due luck of salary

Normal activities came to a stand still as bands of Somalia National Army servicemen demonstrated in parts of  Mogadishu creating tension,  affected areas were Wadajir district, KM4 area and downtown Mogadishu The protests are the first real clash between the new administration and  military which had high expectation on President Mohamed. Abdullahi Farmaajo whose manifesto prioritized welfare of the army and police. “We have not received our salaries for the past 12 months” one  SNA soldier told  Radio Dalsan. “We demand for our salary. The new government has forgotten about us ” he added Last week the government had been ordered out of the citiy limits and into the barracks but todays protest is a clear sign that the military has defied the orders. Somali angry troops took to the main streets in Mogadishu and block near km4 and the street a long Mogadishu airport and same roats in wadajir distrtct. The troops protesting without salaires payment for the last 12 months. We do get our salary for the last 12 month, we need our salary, one of  the soldiers told radio dalsan. Now the soldiers back to their base, after high profile office speak to them. On social media the people asking the government to pay the salary as  to secure the security last week somali military officials said that the military will back  to their base in the outskirt of Mogadishu. Somali offcials says the security will reposible intelligence and police. Military Block Mogadishu Roads To Protest Salary Delays. Somalia military took to the streets of Mogadishu blocking main roads  on Sunday to protest delayed salaries.