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SOMALIAS   First  Morgue & Funeral  Service Launched
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SOMALIAS First Morgue & Funeral Service Launched

A group of Somali entrepreneurs have established a funeral services business in Mogadishu a first of its kind in post civil war Somalia   A Radio Dalsan reporter had the opportunity to see first hand the establishment and services offered   Qabuuraha Barkaat Funeral Services owners hope to offer its services to mainly an upmarket clientele   The fees to have a body prepared for burial is $100   “What you need is just to bring the body here you can get all the service including a viewing hall and you have to pay only hundred dollars” a morgue attendant told Radio Dalsan   “its first kind business since Somali has been a civil war last 20 years. Funeral were many but now days since the peace is coming up deaths are not like in the past “ he said