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Outcry  In Puntland Over Purchase Of Vehicles Using Relief Kitty
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Outcry In Puntland Over Purchase Of Vehicles Using Relief Kitty

Controversy has marred drought relief food distribution in Puntland after a public outcry over the purchase of vehicles using funds from the kitty.   Puntland Deputy President Mr. Abdihakim HajI Abdullah "Camey" had called a Press conference on Monday to give an update of Puntland relief aid distribution efforts.   Abdullahi told journalists that the committee had purchased six vehicles from the relief kitty to help in the logistics of food distribution in remote parts of the region.   The announcement triggered criticism from the public who questioned the necessity of purchasing the six vehicles.   Most of the critics are of the opinion that the money used in purchasing the vehicles would have aided many faced by starvation in Puntland .   Puntland had received $150,000 towards dealing with the current drought that has hit Puntland and other regions.   Official Abdullahi was pressed hard to explain how the funds have been utilized.   “ We will give a breakdown on how the money was used later. But regarding the cars it was a good decision to enable as reach those in need of food” Abdullahi told journalists.   Social media in Puntland was buzz with the public bashing officials for mismanagement of funds.   The controversy comes two days after the Deputy Governor Merca and two South West Ministers were arrested for embezzling $32000 meant for relief aid.   Some 2.1 Somalis are currently facing starvation