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New look police  as younger officers  Join the forces

New look police as younger officers Join the forces

The perception of the ordinary Somali Police in the public may soon change as more young police officers continue to join the force. In the last two years at least 2000 youth graduated to serve in the Police Force and this has resulted into a more friendlier to the public police force. Ahmed Yusuf a commander of the Somali police in the capital Mogadishu told Radio Dalsan police officers now becoming friendlier to the public as a result of the recruitment of young officers. Radio Dalsan visited the popular Liido Beach where a number of the newly recruited officers were on patrol. The young men are well dressed, clean and well behaved unlike the previous image of poorly uniformed police on the streets of Mogadishu. “I am more relaxed to see friendly young men like my son talking to me politely and helpful” Hibo Yonis who is from Canada told Radio Dalsan. The Somalia Police Force has recently been undergoing reforms.