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Corrupt  Ministers Te Be Jailed , Farmaajo Warns
Somali News

Corrupt Ministers Te Be Jailed , Farmaajo Warns

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has warned that any minister indulging in corruption will be jailed. Addressing a delegation of Somali and  Kenyan businessmen who had paid him a visit in Mogadishu before he left for a state visit to Saudi Arabia on Thursday  Farmaajo reaffirmed his committment to fighting graft in his government. In a luncheon held in Mogadishu Kenyan businessmen had raised to the new President regarding extortion of corrupt government officials. They said that corrupt officials were the main impediment for Kenyans importing or exporting goods to Somalia. Farmaajo pledged to create a more conducive environment for trade in Somalia Corruption according to recent research has reached an alarming level in government offices. In his campaign manifesto Farmaajo said that fighting corruption will be the third most important priority in his to do list