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Somaliland Protest  Alleged  Partisan  By BBC
Somali News

Somaliland Protest Alleged Partisan By BBC

  The breakaway region of Somaliland has protested  to the British Broadcasting Corporation Headquarters  in reaction to a programme aired on the stations Somali service last Friday which they allege to be partisan .   Somaliland Information Minister  Abdullahi Sahrdiid accused BBC Somali of being impartial  on Somali issues and has made a formal complaint to the headquarters in London .   “We will review our agreement for BBC workers to work here. Those working for BBC here are mixing up politics and leantowards the Greater Somalia ideology which doesn’t recognize Somaliland” Sahrdiid  warned .   The panelists on the BBC debate were Prof.Abdi Ismail Samatara analyst , Speaker Abdi Irro  and a Somaliland State Minister BBC Somali  aired a debate on the controversial deal between Somaliland and UAE that will see the latter established a military base in the port city of  Berbera Somalia has protested against that agreement saying it is illegal .Somaliland on the other hand says it it is an independent country and has all the right to make deals with any country According to the Minister of Information the debate panelists were one sided and Pro Somalia. Somaliland which was a British Protectorate breakeway from Somalia a former Italian colony in 1991 following the fall of Siad Barre’s government .   This latest warning by Somaliland comes in the wake of the arrest of two media personalities AbdiMalik Oldoon  freelancer and activist , Universal TV owner Ahmed Abubakr Ahmed and Star TV director Mohamed Bashe .