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Sharif and Farmajo form alliance to unseat Mohamud
Somali News

Sharif and Farmajo form alliance to unseat Mohamud

A political alliance has been formed between  Shariif  Sheikh Ahmed and Mohamed Abdullah Farmaajo  that will see the two top presidential candidates back each other up against the incumbent Hassan Sheikh Mohamud if the voting goes to a second round.

 The decision was arrived at a meeting that included 10 other presidential candidates.

The new alliance is the most formidable challenge that Mohamud will have to face in his bid to retain residence at the Villa Somalia in the five years to come.

A source privy to the discussion at the meeting told Radio Dalsan that the an agreement was passed where by Farmaajo will become the PM if Sharif becomes President.

 Farmaajo has a backing of some 40 MPs  while   Shariif  is said to have 70 loyal Mps behind him.

 Analysts estimate the number of  Mps backing Mohamud is  120.  The Alliance came within 36 hours in to  the Wednesday presidential elections.