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Godogob gan rabe suspects jailed for 36 years
Somali News

Godogob gan rabe suspects jailed for 36 years

Five men involved in the gang rape of a 14 yr  and a 16yr old girls in Goldogob have been sentenced to a total 36 years behind bar. A court in Galkacyo found the five guilty of raping the two teen girls on the night of December 6th in Goldogob.
  • Shirwa Jama received a 10 yr sentence, 200 lashes and  a  $4620
  • Yasir Hashi-8years in Jail 200 lashes and a $3520 fine
  • Ayanle Wale -7 years in jail 100 lashes and a $2560USD fine
  • Yahya Awka-6yr jail term 100 lashes $1760
  • Abdirizak Jibril  5 years in jail, 100 lashes a fine of $1760.
According to witnesses the gilrs were abducted by the boys into a car and driven 15kms out of the town where they were raped in turns and beaten as they recorded the incident on their phone cameras. The video went viral and was  followed by outrage by Somalis across the country and in the diaspora. A Go Fund Me account was started to help the two victims.