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Mogadishu man arrested for raping 2YR  old baby (PHOTOS )
Somali News

Mogadishu man arrested for raping 2YR old baby (PHOTOS )

Police  have arrested an 18 yr old man who allegedly rape his 2yr old niece in Warta-Nabada district of Mogadishu. Police say initial medical report is positive that the baby was raped, Police & hospital confirmed. "The man we are holding is   an uncle to the baby and we are still yet to confirm if he is mentally stable" Abdul Ahmed a police officer told Radio Dalsan. Radio Dalsan reporter who visited the house of the victim. Police said the man  could be a drug addict from their initial interrogation. The family it the victim lives in  squalor and seeking assistance from neighbors and a social media campaign. Reported rape cases have been on the rise in the last 2 weeks with the most covered case being the two Goldogob girls whose video showing 5 men raping one of them went  viral. Another case was reported in Baladweyn where a girl was raped. Activists say public awareness of sexual abuse and  rape is needed. Somalia NGOs have been campaigning against it  but much is still needed to be accomplished to put an end to this vice .