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AMISOM under pressure by Human rights watch  to release wardinle killings report
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AMISOM under pressure by Human rights watch to release wardinle killings report

Human Rights Watch on Thursday demanded for the release of a report on the outcome of an investigation  on the deaths of 14 civilians In Wardinle Bay region. Amisom is yet to release a report of the incident since months after Ethiopia forces reportedly killed the civilians In July 17 2017. The Ethiopian contingent fired on a hut in Wardinle where men had gathered to pray for a sick villager, killing 14. “The killing of elders, teachers, and religious leaders devastated the poor rural community of Wardinle and should not be swept under the carpet,” said Laetitia Bader Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch. “The African Union and Ethiopian leadership needs to hold its forces to account by releasing its findings, ensuring that any wrongdoers are brought to justice, and compensating the victims.” UN General secretary Ban Ki Moon last week called for Amisom to release the report "Initial report by AMISOM say that it  received credible intelligence information, of an Al-Shabaab’s radicalization exercise in the village and went to investigate. The troops were ambushed as they approached the village and intensive fighting ensued…. It is not clear at this point in time, if the fighting occasioned civilian deaths, as it is being claimed.” Baeder said The seven witnesses interviewed by Human Rights Watch said they had not seen fighting in the village or the presence of Al-Shabab fighters . The laws of war require governments to investigate credible allegations of serious violations that may amount to war crimes. "The evident absence of Al-Shabab fighter goes to confirm  that the attack on the hut was unlawfully deliberate or indiscriminate, and possibly a war crime" HRW said HRW interviewed eye witnesses amd survivora of the.Wardinle killings.Human Rights Watch says Amisom investigations have limitationshas"The investigations are often one-sided , relying heavily on AMISOM soldiers or official sources without meaningfully consulting other witnesses or local residents" HRW said AMISOM has lately been under pressure from critics following civilian deaths through motor accidents and firefight. A report recenly released  shows that Amisom forces at least 38 civilians in the last four months of 2016