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Somali traditional dinner “Cambuulo”.  Written by Hassan Istiila
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Somali traditional dinner “Cambuulo”. Written by Hassan Istiila

Every country in the world has a  distinctive kind of food. In Somalia there are different kinds of food for dinner, lunch and also breakfast. I would like to tell you about a traditional Somali dish, that Somalis eat in different countries in the world. Traditionally, Somalis eat dinner sometimes as late as 09:00 pm. “Cambuulo”, a common dinner dish, is made from well-cooked azuki beans mixed with butter and sugar. The beans, which on their own are referred to as digir, can take up to five hours to finish cooking at a low temperature. Qamadi (wheat) is also used; cracked or uncracked, it is cooked and served just like the azuki beans. When you each “Cambuul” you get energy and don’t feel angry, also stimulates you to more exercise. Somalia's farming areas are concentrated in the southern part of the country, in the Gedo, Middle Juba, Lower Juba, Lower Shebelle, Middle Shebelle and Hiran regions. The Juba River and Shabelle River pass through these provinces, rendering the soil more conducive to crop cultivation than the comparatively arid north, where pastoralism has instead traditionally been practiced. That productive area is where the beans for  “Cambuulo” is grown. Cambuulo is one of my favourite dishes. I ate it every night, without “Cambuul” in the night i feel like i have not had dinner. Sometimes I encourage my colleague and friends to eat ” cambuul” even if they hate it. If I forget my “Cambuul” before sleep, the next night i am encouraged to cook or search for it. My most memorable meal was not one that I had at a fancy restaurant. It was a plate of beans and rice that I had in Mogadishu, Somalia. It was the most satisfying meal ever! Somalis call it “federation”, a federation of grains. Furthermore, this kind of Somalian traditional food, makes the people lose theri anger and  makes them happy and sleep without nightmares. When I eat Cambuul at night I dislike to argue and I like to be in bed. This special dinner of Somalia, is mostly eaten in the countryside, especially in southern regions of Somalia but other regions too. During ceremonies, festivals, weddings and other celebrations people cook Cambuulo, so Cambuulo is not only eaten at night. Somali’s traditional elders in the towns and countryside are also known to eat it. Cambuulo is one of my favourite dishes. Written by Hassan Istiila Hassanistiila200@gmail.com Twitter: @Hassanistiila