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Sheikh Sharif's Villa Somalia bid boosted as Ala-sheikh Group reunite
Somali Elections

Sheikh Sharif's Villa Somalia bid boosted as Ala-sheikh Group reunite

Presidential candidate Sheikh SHARIIF Ahmed on Friday night met to mend relations with his past allies of the  Ala Sheikh Group top leaders paving way to reunite after  four years seperation, Radio Dalsan has learnt.

The unity will boost Sheikh Sharif's chances of a second term in Villa Somalia.

Ahmed met a team from the Aala-Sheikh political wing the Daljir Party  Chairman Hassan Moalim  General Secretary Ahmed Fiqi, Minister of Planning Abdi Aynte Chairman of City University.

The Aal-Sheikh a powerful  and influential group of Islamist that include Clerics entrepreneurs and politicians denounced Sheikh Sharif after his defeat 2012.

They had then blamed Sheikh Sharif of mismanagement of the campaign leading to his defeat. Sheikh Sharif has since played the politics of a lone wolf having support with no support from them.

The unity now means   a guaranteed 15 votes from Mps affiliated to the group  hence boosting Ahmed's chances of being President

With Shariff Hassan Sheikh Adan technically out analysts see the elections set for end of January as a two horse race between Ahl Sheikh group versus incumbents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud's Damjadid.

Radio Dalsan has learnt that the unity is expected to be officially announced next week. Sheikh Sharif had earlier been rumoured for allegedly lacking funds to campaign.

Ala Sheikh control a significant share of Somalia's economy and run businesses from higher education, Import -Export , Petroleum and contracts with links to Turkey and Sudan and this is seen as a much needed boost to Sheikh Sharif.