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Panic as UK and US threatens to charge citizens involved in Somalia election corruption
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Panic as UK and US threatens to charge citizens involved in Somalia election corruption

The United States has issued a stern warning to its citizens involved in election corruption in overseas. US Somali Mission on Wednesday said in its twitter account that it was concerned about the widespread corruption in the concluded parliamentary elections. "US committed to a credible electoral process in Somalia" the tweet said. "Grave instances of corruption by US citizens overseas are punishable under US law" it warned. Several Mps vying for the 275 Upper House seats have a dual citizenship a majority being Somali Americans. In the upcoming Presidential elections among candidates with dual citizenship include incumbent Prime Minister Omar Sharmake a Somali Canadian. In the National Leadership only Puntland president Gaas is Somali American while his counterpart from Hirshabelle osoble is Somali Canadian. Presidential candidate Sharif Hassan is a US residence the Green Card but is yet to be a naturalised US citizen. Other US citizen that it could potentially impact this warning include, among others, former Villa Somali chief of staff, Ali Bald, who's currently a close aid to president HSM, Mohamed Keynan, FIEIT member but prior to that a senior aid to Villa Somalia as well. Somalis on Social media were quick to react to the stern warning issued by Washington with nany supporting the move.
"You can't steal and intimidate democracy and keep yoir US/European passport in your pocket" Somali political commentator and blogger  Abdihakim Ainte tweeted. "That's a felony. You can't  chew and walk. Time to act" Ainted added.
Reacting to the tweet by the US Somalia Mission the outgoing UK Ambassador to Somalia said the same will apply to Somali Britons. "The UK Bribery act also applies to British nationals overseas" she tweeted. Prime minister spokesman Harbi Kulane however questioned the practicality of the order. "However condensing it may sound which Court of Law in UK will have the jurisdiction to indict anyone with bribery in Garowe, Adado, Jowhar, Hamar, Baidoa and Jubbaland" Kulane who is a Somali British commented on social media. Other western countries are likely to follow suit. The international community has been critical at the way NLF has handled the parliamentary elections so far. A European envoy told Radio Dalsan that other EU countries will be issuing similar warnings.