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EX Foreign minister  Fowzia Haji in trouble over phone recording of elder demanding  bribe
Somali News

EX Foreign minister  Fowzia Haji in trouble over phone recording of elder demanding  bribe

A controversial recording of an elder from Somaliland purported to be  demanding bribe from former Foreign Affairs Minister Fowzia Yusuf has raised political tension within the Somaliland politions  in Mogadishu, Radio Dalsan has learnt

An insider has told Radio Dalsan that the ex Foreign Minister had recorded a conversation she had with her elder Abdiqani who allegedly demanded for a USD 50,000 bribe in exchange to organize a delegate  voting for Fowzia Yusuf in the ongoing elections.

The matter has become a political hot potato and information reaching Radio Dalsan desk indicate that Information Minister Maareye and an Deputy PM Omar Arte  have intervened to hush up the story from leaking to the public or reaching the election committee. A meeting has been set for Saturday night to resolve the matter once and for all Fowzia is said to have presented the recordings of the alleged bribe demand  to the Attorney General seeking legal action.

Abdiqanai Jama The  elder has however accused the ex minister of scandalizing him Fowzia is seeking to be elected to represent Somaliland in the Lower House. Radio Dalsan has learn that negotiations are ongoing between  Somaliland politicians and elders seeking Fowzia and the elder to resolve the matter "As  Somalilanders we are   now we are trying to resolve the case. Both sides are ready to come on the table. We intend to resolve the issue tonight" a Somaliland politician told  Radio  Dalsan "Fowzia  is as one of the most influential politicians from Somaliland and  has been said to be against a second term for incumbent President that is why she is facing all this" the politician said Fowzia Yusuf plunged into Somalia politics after a bid to register her party in Somaliland region failed in 2011. She was appointed Foreign Affairs Minister in November 2012 and served to January 2014 Fowzia is a community leader in UK and owned the now defunct  RAAD TV  which went off air after  alleged mismanagement The 2016  indirect elections in the horn of Africa has seen the highest number of recorded voter bribery as contestants fight over the 275 seats in the Lower House and 54 seats in the Upper House to represent their regions