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"Al shabaab is threatening our lives" Somalia election delegates claim

Delegates in the ongoing Somalia elections have demanded for government protection after allegedly receiving death threats from the Somali militant group Alshabaab In an exlusive by Radio Dalsan's investigative team several delegates interviewed claimed that their lives were in danger and that they feared being targeted by Alshabaab "I fear for my life now. I have received death threats from Alshabaab through a text message" Abdirazak Hussein a delegate told Radio Dalsan "I am worried that we have  become soft targets for the militants after the election" Hussein a delegate from the Hirshabelle capital Jowhar said Hussein is a student at the University of Mogadishu and is among the 14025 delegates electing Somali Mps to a two chamber legislature comprising of 115 Mps for the Lower House of Commons and 54 Senators Most the delegates are drawn from youth, women  and student representatives across Somalia A second delegate Rahma Awad who voted as a delegate in the South West capital of Baidoa confirmed similar threats to Radio Dalsan "I am not feeling safe anymore in this country with this threats" Awad a Salon manager in Mogadishu told Radio Dalsan upon her return to the capital "It is so serious that I am considering seeking assylum out of the country. I may have to flee the country  to safety" she added Somali militant group Alshabaab which still controls pockets of rural Central and Southern Somalia had vowed to disrupt the  2016 elections But beside Alshabaab the Radio Dalsan investigation also unearthed threats by well known politicians who had lost their seats A delegate who seek anonymity for the sake of his security told Radio Dalsan that some delegates were threatened by powerful politicians they voted against Interior Security Ministry is yet to issue a statement on the alleged threats by Alshabaab and politicians rented on the delegates But speaking to Radio Dalsan a police official in Mogadishu said they will pick up the matter seriously "We will investigate those claims and the delagates have to come forward and report any threat" Inspector Ahmed Hussein of the Somalia National Police Force told Radio Dalsan " Our duty is to protect them" he added