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Radio Afgoye shut down by local administration
Somali News

Radio Afgoye shut down by local administration

The director of Radio Afyoye has confirmed the closure of the station on Monday.
Mohamed Muse said Somali security forces lead by Afgoye district official come to the station and ordered the station off air without giving reasons.
District official Abdinassird Caalim Ibrahim has accused the station for fuelling insecurity in the area claim the station strongly denied.
located 30 kilometres outskirts of Somali capital Radio Afgoye is the only station in the lower Shabelle region becoming the only source of information for the largely farming community at the heart of Somali food basket.
Somali Independent Media Houses Association (SIMHA) and National Union for Somali Journalist (NUSOJ) have both condemned the closure and called for immediate authorities to respect media freedom.
Somali authorities usually crack down on the media and Journalists in the recuperating state under the tag of security.