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Pentagon says it is investigating Somali troops attack
Somali News

Pentagon says it is investigating Somali troops attack

US Defense Department headquarters has said it is investigating airstrikes claims by Mogadishu on Somali National Army on Wednesday.

13 were killed and scores of others soldiers wounded when US airstrike targeted Somali National Army base near southern city of Galkacyo.

Defense secretary Ash Carter has said Pentagon will investigate the claims by its horn of Africa ally.

Speaking in Hawaii Carter said there are mistakes committed by US forces sometimes but they exercise lots of restraint in their operations.

Pentagon earlier press statement on the attack termed it as “self-defense” measures taken after forces came under enemy fire.

Federal government of Somalia has condemned the attack on the troops.

Thursday weekly cabinet meeting has demanded answers from white house on the unprovoked attack.

Some of the injured soldiers were airlifted to Mogadishu for further medical care on Wednesday.

Angry protesters banned US flag in Galkacyo following the attack.