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Twin blast kills dozens in  Galkacyo
Somali News

Twin blast kills dozens in Galkacyo

More than 20 people are feared dead following two explosions in central  Somali city of Galkacyo. Sunday morning attack was targeted on local Police station by suicide bomber before another blast went off during the rescue mission. Witness told the media that they heard huge explosion at the police administration before another female suicide bomber drove her bomb into the people gathered. Sources say the target of the explosive attack was meeting of Galkacyo local authorities and mayor on new revenue collection measures. The commander of the targeted police station is reported to be among the dead and more than 40 others wounded. Armed group Alshabaab claimed the responsibility of the attack immediately saying scores of regional police officers were killed in the attack. UN Special envoy to Somalia Michael Keating condemned the attack saying it is the continuation of Alshabaab attack on innocent civilians on his official twitter account.