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Al-Shabaab overruns district in Gedo region
Somali News

Al-Shabaab overruns district in Gedo region

The Somali military on Monday captured key villages in Bardera Town in Gedo region in the southern province after hours of fighting, a military officer has reported.

The military conducted operations targeted at some villages in that town. Heavy fighting ensued between the militants and the Somali army, with reports of motors and hand-bombs being used.

The Somali army managed to retake Mataano village and other villages that were being controlled by the al-shabaab.

Cisman Sheikh Qorah, a Somali military army officer, told reporters that they took over a strategic location that was the main base of the terrorists.

“The capture of the towns by our heroic forces provides a major boost to our efforts to bring peace and stability to Somalia. The new offensive will facilitate for the extension of the Somali government control over its territory and enable people to live freely from al-shabaab tyranny,” said the officer.

“We will continue with our efforts and eradicate the militants ,” he added.

The statement did not mention the number of casualties on either side.

(Writing by Hassan Istiila. Editing by Julian Kamau)